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My Favorite Causes


Sugarloaf Chamber of Commerce

A virtual chamber with a kiosk location on Rte 27 in Carrabassett Valley. Visitors may access the site at the Visitors Center OR on line anytime.

Penobscot River Restoration Trust

Is about restoring the Penobscot River by removing dams along the Penobscot River to increase activity along the river in ways like, kayaking, fishing and economic development.

The Maine Council of the Atlantic Salmon Federation

The Maine Council coordinates the efforts of 26 idifferent angling, conservation, education and watershed organizations from across the state that share a passion for protecting Atlantic salmon and other native anadromous fish species and our natural river and marine systems on which they depend.

The Maine Highlands

A tourism region designation by the State of Maine that markets the region starting from North of Katahdin, West through Millinocket, Dover Foxcroft, Moosehead, east to Lincoln, the Greater Bangor region and south to Newport.

Of course...The Margaree.
The river that made a friend to me and put magic in my life.

Techno Trapped at 50 North

Struggles of Change
You Mean I have to learn something ELSE? If you just go down through the entries in this blog you can see there are gaps.  Some BIG ONES!  And of course for a lot of reasons: 1) I am busy with work life. 2) I am busy with home life. 3) I CAN’T THINK! Strategy? […]

Survival Instinct, Communication, Social Media and The Trust Factor
WOW what a mouthful that title is, huh?  Certainly either I lost you with it or I have you wanting more. When beings are in survival mode certain chemicals are released. It results in certain ways of thinking and actions. The “fight or flight” instinct. The more threatened something feels, the more defensive it gets […]

Who is the REAL person on Facebook anyway?
It is difficult for me to go anywhere without some conversation that doesn’t include the word, “FACEBOOK” in it. Many times it is accompanied by rolled eyes or heavy sighs.  Other times it is expressed with gratitude that there was some news shared that people felt important to know about and still other times sad […]

Sephone Blog

HTML – Page Markup
In the last entry to our HTML series, Brady went over some of the basic tags used within the <body> tag of a website. In todays’ lesson we will block out a basic website using semantic HTML5 tags and take a quick look at Cascading Stylesheets. We’ve worked with semantic tags in the past when we added microdata to an address. Here we placed special attributes that helped define what the content is. With our new HTML5 tags we can better define each section of a website. For example, defining were on the page the navigation exists.

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