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My Favorite Places

What is my definition of a favorite place?
  • Great People
  • Great Times
  • Great Views
  • Great Memories
What is yours?  Click here to send me an email and a photo?

My Four Season fun place to be is -

the Sugarloaf Area and camp in Kingfield.

I practically cut my teeth up there, met my long term friends up there, tho some have moved away and some have died.

Often the Sugarloaf is a staging point for other places we go, we all need to get "fed" before we leave.

Here is Katharine's car
as we pack for the
TWAT trip to Mooselook 2007

The usual view, snow on the roof
and roof raking to be done.

My favorite Vacation Spot

Cape Breton, Nova Scotia - or Anywhere Nova Scotia...

This is the look-off for the Margaree River a spot in paradise that few get to enjoy.
The porch at River Trail is a happy place and nearly an additional room!


The "Coast O Maine" I am so fortunate to have someone that invites me to camp on the rocks in Corea, Maine. Who needs to be a real photographer when you can look (and take pictures of views like this!

July Sunset,
Corea Maine

gorgeous sunset

Click here to see more of the "Beach"


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